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Surprised by the sudden voice in his head, Rasul dropped his fork. It landed with a clang on his dinner plate. He jerked his head up and tilted it to the side as if he could hear the voice better that way. Nothing happened. His eyes squinted in an attempt to concentrate harder and increase the intensity of his ability. He had the power to sense when other clans were using their abilities and to pinpoint their location.

He raised his eyebrows then lowered them. He might as well give up trying to locate her and talk instead. Again…I know. So, you have been training Will you meet me?

With Elizabeth and the whole Spencer clan there too. Now why would I walk into a trap?

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But he was too curious to refuse to meet her. Besides, he doubted Adamma would flat out try to kill him. I can be there tomorrow. She abruptly cut her connection to Rasul, opened her eyes, and tilted her head to look out of the window. And she had never felt so calm.

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She paid the driver, refused his help with her luggage then walked through the front yard to the door. George already knew she was there because Malika had contacted his mother telepathically. She could hear all of them constantly calling out her name in her mind…telling her to wait until they got there before she contacted Rasul. She ignored them. When she reached the front door, she stared at the doorknob.

Her green eyes sparkled as she concentrated on moving the lock with her telekinetic ability. The lock clicked and the bolt slid back.

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She turned her head slightly and glanced down the street to make sure no one was watching her. Then the door flew open and she walked inside. Read on for more about Robin, plus an interview and an giveaway!

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