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Three days of fun! Later, we finished packing our stuff Me: Okay. We got our swimsuits, some spare clothes, sunscreen, etc. Harvey: Looks like we're ready. Fee: This is gonna be the best cruise, ever! Foo: You said it, sister! All: WHOO! Title card. Just link me where to start, and you can tell me where to end.

Edited by Luna and Sam , June 6, Me: Awesome! We're on! Harvey: We should say bye to everyone. Me: We'll see you in three days! The cruise ship leaves Me: This is cool! And we're on the ocean, so maybe we can see the Lake I mean, Ocean Spirit. Me: Oh, yeah. The Ocean Spirit. Harvey: I did miss when he was the Lake Spirit. Those were some good times. Ocean Spirit: Gah! What's that loud noise? Comes up from the water to see a cruise ship. Me: Look! It's the Ocean Spirit! All: Hi, Ocean Spirit! Ocean Spirit: Hello, Harvey and others.

What are you guys up to? Harvey: We're on a cruise. Ocean Spirit: That's wonderful! I've been busy all day in the ocean. I having a great time. But the seals arguing gets even louder, and it eventually turns into a fight cloud. Ocean Spirit: Oh, boy. I gonna be busy. So have fun on the cruise. All: Bye! Harvey: It was cool seeing the Ocean Spirit again. Me: It sure was. Harvey: I got club sandwiches. Me: Mmm! Me: And a side of alphabet soup. Pretty cool! Foo: Ooh! Let's see if we can spell anything on the soup!

Fee: Great idea, bro! We scoop up our soup Me: Ooh. It says "seas" in my soup. Harvey: Looks at the soup Whoa! I just spelled my name! Fee: Nice! Let me try! Scoops her soup Ha! Foo: Hahahahaha! Scoops his soup Oh Me: What did you spell? Me: Is it disgusting? Foo: Uhhhh What should we do next? Harvey: Maybe there are some fun activities we can do. Me: We could go swimming. I love swimming! Me: Groans I'll meet go guys at the pool. I'm gonna find a bathroom. Leaves Harvey: Okay. Let's get our swimsuits on and get to the pool. Later, they arrive at the pool.

Me: Hey Harvey! Splashes Harvey [I think we can just do new replies. It can still be the same fun things, just new quotes. Harvey: AHH! Splashes Jack. I arrived at the pool wearing my swimsuit Me: Hey, guys. Sorry I took a while. Come in and join us! Me: Uh, how deep is this pool? Checks The deep end looks like it goes between 3 and 13 feet.

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Me: Oh. Then I'm be in the 3 feet area. I get in the 3 feet part of the pool. Me: Uh I'm good over here. Me: Oh well. We continue to splash eachother; later Me: Next activity? Fee: I heard there's a limbo contest. Harvey: That does look fun. Soon, we are at the limbo contest Host: Let see how low see people go under the limbo stick to watch the limbo metal. Me: My turn! Bends down low, but as I go under, I slipped Oops. Gets up. Fee got to limbo really low to go under the pole Fee: Beat that! Harvey: Way to go, Foo!

Me: That was great! Me: Yeah! Fee: Try it. Me: Well, Okay I try it [I almost forgot to mention. We all cheers Host: Looks like we've got a winner! Me: I won?

MSC Meraviglia Review and Specifications

Jack earns the limbo metal Harvey: That was fun! Fee: It sure was! What's next? Harvey: I heard they got a bingo game here. Me: Bingo? Sounds interesting. Later, we arrive at the bingo game Me: Okay. Let's our bingo cards. We each get a bingo card Bingo Caller: Okay, everyone. Edited by Luna and Sam , June 9, Me: I'm so ready for this. Bingo: I Harvey: I got it. Draws circle on 17 Me: I Me: And you, Jack? Me: Got it. Draws Bingo caller: O Fee: Got it! Foo: Me, too.

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Me: Aw, man. I don't have that either. Harvey: Same. Bingo caller: N Me: Finally! I have that number. Later into the game Me: It seeks like we're all so close to a bingo. Just one more. Bingo caller: Okay, G Harvey: Gasps Bingo! We cheer for Harvey Me: Way to go, Harvey! Harvey gets his giftcard. Bingo Caller: Congratulations, young boy.

Harvey: Thanks. Me: Checks watch Looks like it's almost dinner time. We get into the dining room Me: Whoa! Look at this huge buffet! Me: Just like Golden Corral. We grabs our plates Harvey: I could go for some steak with broccoli and potato wedges. Me: I'm getting some meatloaf, brussel sprouts, and tater tots.

Me: Chicken, peas, and mashed pitatoes for me! Fee: I think Foo and I will get the beef on weck, tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. We all get our food, then we sat at a table to eat our dinner Me: Mmm. This meatloaf is soooo good. Harvey: And the steak is soooo yummy. Me: I love chicken! Fee: Yeah! And the beef on weck! Foo eats the whole beef steak Me: This cruise has already been fun so far. Foo: And that someone is me. Fee: Exactly. Me: What would've happened if one twin went while the other twin stayed home?

Foo: That would be awful! Fee: It's not easy being away from Foo for so long. Foo: Especially if I had to miss out on this awesome cruise! I couldn't handle that. Me: Let's finish eating dinner so we can have dessert. After we finish our dinner Me: Wow, so many things to have for dessert!

Foo dips a cookie in the chocolate and eats it. Fee: So many sugary sweets! How do you not realize that? We all got our desserts and eat them. Me: Oh dang, this carrot cake is amazing! Fee: I am loving the chocolate fondue. Licks chocolate off his hand. Me: So far, this cruise trip has been amazing! Harvey: Looks like it time for bed. Me: Yawns Today has been fun. Tomorrow might be even better. Me: Yep. Yawns Well, goodnight, everyone. Harvey: Goodnight. Fee: Sleep tight. At least not before I get to eat them. SO much better than The Green House! Harvey: Yawns Oh, man.

What a good night sleep. Me: Yawns And now we're on day two of our cruise. Me: Hopefully the weather will still remain sunny and nice until the end. Fee: Scoffs Everything will be fine. Now come on. Let's have breakfast. Foo: Breakfast!

MSC Meraviglia

We go for some breakfast Me: Ooh! They got Lucky Charms! I'll give it a yellow. Fee: And Frosted Flakes! Harvey: And they got Raisin Bran. Me: Ooh, my second favorite cereal. We all get our breakfast and eat it.

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  5. Me: After we swim, we can go water skiing! Harvey: Whoa! You can do that here? Me: I guess so. Me: I rather not if the water is too deep. Me: Eh, suit yourself. Harvey: Don't forget to wait 20 to 30 minutes after eating before swimming. Fee: Scoffs That's just a myth. Harvey: It's not a myth, Fee. It's real. Fee: We'll be fine. Come on, Foo! Last one to the pool is a rotten egg! Foo: I like eggs! The twins run to the pool. Me: Yeah After 20 to 30 minutes, we put on our swimsuits and went to the pool.

    Harvey: Good idea. We get in the water Harvey: I'll go first. Me: Okay, who wants to go next? I start to hold my breath under water. Me: I can do better. I hold my breath under water, then I pop my head out after 20 seconds Me: Panting Well, I did better. Me: Looks like we got a winner. Harvey: Giggles Hey, where's Fee and Foo?

    Me: I thought they were here with us. Fee and Foo are seen out of the pool, groaning in pain Fee: I guess Harvey was right about the cramps. Foo: Yeah Harvey: Oh no. I guess they got cramps. Me: Let's have them rest. They'll be better in a few. Me: Man, I thought those things were myths. Harvey: Oh, boy! Oh, boy! I've always wanted to go water skiing! Me: This should be interesting. Me: Whoo! This is fun! What do you think, Harvey? This is awesome! Me: I just thought of something. What if we end up letting go?

    Harvey: I wouldn't do that if I were you. The two continue water skiing Later Foo: I want that vanilla! Fee: Chocolate for me! Me: And I'll have banana. Edited by Luna and Sam , June 11, And second, how the heck do I do errors like that?! After they get their ice-cream. Harvey: Mmm. So good. Foo: Ah! I think I got a brain freeze. Fee: Oh, no! So did I! Me: That's why you have to eat ice cream carefully.

    And I saw you made a new friend in the other thread. By the way, ratings are worse than ever. Room for Improvement got 0. We got your ice cream ready. Harvey: That looks delicious! Fee: Me too. Me: I hate when that happens Me: How about we go see a movie? Business Coast-made salt infused with native botanics. Crime With a knife hidden in his waistband, the man smashed down the door.

    Couple Tries to Stop Cruise Ship From Leaving Port

    Crime Mum on Centrelink payments helped herself to designer labels. Sunshine Coast. Search by keyword Search by location Search by category Add your business. The Pacific Explorer is moving away from cyclone weather in the South Pacific. Photo by Jana Frawley. More Stories The great teddy bear mystery solved Gale force winds rip through Peregian Cyclone whips up wild weather for Coast Cyclone or no cyclone?

    Time will tell. Time will tell Show More. Subscriber Exclusives. Just In. After a full day of exploration, enjoy an evening at leisure. At about 8 am, head east to Vinales. En route stop by an outer-Havana suburb to see the passion project of Jose Fuster, an artist who has turned an entire neighbourhood into a lively and colourful series of mosaics. Known as 'Fusterlandia', the inspiring and whimsical scenery is a perfect spot for pictures, and potentially have the chance to say 'hola' to the artist as he works! Continue your journey to a local community in Las Terrazas approximately 2 hours.

    The village was built as part of a government reforestation project and has since received a UNESCO biosphere listing. Meet up with local community leaders who will share some insight into Las Terrazas and how the society works. On your way into the village, stop by the vibrant and somewhat psychedelic Mural de la Prehistoria — a phenomenal painting that stretches metres across a cliff-face, at the foot of the verdant Sierra de Vinales. The elaborate artwork, which includes a dinosaur, sea monster and a snail, was created to symbolise the theory of evolution and took eighteen people four years to complete.

    Take the short journey into the centre of town and arrive in time for a brief orientation walk before heading to a privately-owned organic farm to learn about sustainable farming in Cuba.

    P&O cruise ship nears Cyclone Hola after brawl between bucks parties | Daily Mail Online

    Hopefully meet local farmer Wilfredo Garcia Correa or at least his family who will show us around the farm and explain the methods used to cultivate crops without the use of pesticides, then enjoy a deliciously fresh and diverse meal prepared by the family, a truly authentic farm-to-fork experience! Day 4: Vinales. Today at 9 am, spend the morning approximately 3 hours finding out more about Cuban agriculture with a visit to a local tobacco farm to learn about the tradition of Cuban cigars. Get an insight as to how the communist system works, how much tobacco they keep, how much produce they give back to the government and how they make ends meet.

    Learn about the process of tobacco planting to rolling the final cigar. Share in the secret recipe of how they cure their leaves, which originated from one family and has been passed down through three generations — then drink some freshly roasted coffee from the farm while watching an expert roll a cigar. In the afternoon, get involved in a 1-hour salsa dance lesson, followed by a cooking demonstration from a local chef. Vinales is one of the more agriculturally productive areas of Cuba, so an abundance of homegrown seasonal fruit and vegetables are always on offer such as avocados, mangoes, pineapples, papaya, guava, and several varieties of sweet potatoes.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the well-prepared meal while overlooking the lush scenery of Vinales. Depart Vinales at 8 am and head to Cienfuegos — drive for approximately 4. Founded in , Korimakao is a project to bring theatre, music, and dancing to remote areas of Cuba.

    Continue along to the picturesque town of Cienfuegos, a slice of Paris in the Caribbean. Founded in by pioneering French immigrants — the elegant architectural influence that these settlers brought with them, earned the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing in Day 6: Trinidad.

    This morning at approximately 8. After lunch, begin with a guided cultural tour of the city approximately 3 hours — this includes an opportunity to visit various museums such as Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos and Museo Romantico. Later, visit the privately-owned pottery workshop of the Santander family. This family are well known in the Cuban cultural landscape for having produced pottery for generations as well as assisting in the restoration of sculptures that once existed in this UNESCO world heritage site.

    Support the Cuban economy by taking the chance to purchase your own pottery as a reminder of your time in Cuba. In the evening, perhaps seek out the dance scene in Cuba. You may wish to see the local Afro Cuban Folkloric dance group that perform shows at the club Palenque, which has cultural and social importance in this region. Nightlife in Trinidad is probably the most accessible and intense in all of Cuba, with numerous live music venues and many dance performances every day of the week.

    Day 7: Trinidad. This morning is yous to explore Trinidad independently. In the afternoon head to Playa Ancon for some beach time fun and maybe a little snorkeling, followed by a sunset picnic prepared for you by one of the privately-owned guesthouses. Day 8: Havana. Leave Trinidad at 8 am to reach the town of Santa Clara approximately 2 hours , a key city in the Cuban Revolution.